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Kompolnas Monitors Legal Process of Deiyai Shooting Incident

Jakarta – A recent shooting incident in Bomou village, Tigi district, Deiyai, Papua, that claimed the life of civilian Yulius Pigai, 28, has attracted the attention of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas), which has promised to monitor the legal process of the case.

Kompolnas member Poengky Indarti said all police personnel who had been on duty and handled security operations when the incident occurred on Tuesday must be investigated to determine whether procedure in the use of firearms was in line with National Police Chief Regulation (Perkap) No.8/2009 on the implementation of human rights standards and principles in the organizing of police duties.

“There were dead and injured victims in the incident so both on-duty police personnel and security procedures should be investigated,” Poengky told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

“If criminal acts are found to have happened, there must be criminal sanctions, in addition to disciplinary and code of ethics sanctions.”

Poengky said Kompolnas would monitor the legal process of the Deiyai shooting, starting from investigation to the imposition of sanctions.

Peace for Papua Network coordinator Rev. Neles Tebay deplored the incident. “Shooting perpetrators in Deiyai could lead to punishment. We should be aware, however, that the incident has caused a new wound in the hearts of Papuan people. State-sponsored violence such as the shooting can have a fatal impact for Indonesia,” said Neles.

With such violence, it will be difficult to hope that nationalism can grow in the hearts of Papuans, he said.

(ebf/thejakartapost.com/August 3, 2017 | 09:00 pm)